How to root the Kocaso M736 Android tablet

I got this device for cheap from, in order to experiment using it for a hobby project. As part of that project I’m developing a small Android app that needs low-level control of the OS, which cannot be achieved without root access.

Searching around I found that the hardest part of using this device is getting your computer to recognize it, since it has a unique USB ID that is not normally supported by the out-of-the-box Android drivers.

So all you need to do is modify the Android drivers to include the USB device ID of the Kocaso M736 such that you can run the android ADB tools, and then push over the SuperUser binaries.


I can go into more detail if anyone wants step-by-step instructions, but my breadcrumbs for those that are tech-savvy are:

The USB device IDs for the Kocasa M736 are:

  • USB\VID_2207&PID_0010&REV_0222&MI_01
  • USB\VID_2207&PID_0010&MI_01
  1. Use the PDF attachment here to learn how to edit the Android driver:
  2. Where appropriate, use the IDs listed above (for the 736 has different IDs than those listed in the document)
  3. Then copy your Superuser binaries over using this:


3 thoughts on “How to root the Kocaso M736 Android tablet

  1. jesse

    Thanks a ton!
    have you done any other mods to the device? i get failing processes all the time and a lot of apps don’t run very smoothly.

    i originally got the device to be an xbmc remote but trying to run anything else has kinda sucked.

    thanks again for the tips

  2. Aaron Hampton Post author

    Yea, I get failing system processes all the time too, I tried loading the latest android/firmware image from their website and though things looked like they were fixed it just took hooking it up to the internet and letting it sync again for those ‘android process has stopped’ messages to reappear. It appears to have something to do with syncing, because if you turn off wifi connectivity they go away for a while.

    I, too, have found it’s pretty weak for anything useful. The best I have found is just as a Kindle e-reader, but that is more out of necessity than as a useful solution.

  3. Aaron Hampton Post author

    Thanks for the feedback by the way! Good to know this was useful to someone :)

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